Backend Application Development

AKA Batch Processing / Batch Jobs development

What is Backend Application Development (Batch Processing / Batch Jobs Development)

Backend Application is more complex because work has to carefully planned and able to run without user interaction. Batch Applications are submitted to a job scheduler and run on the first available compute node(s). Once submitted, you can log off and wait for the jobs to complete, with the option to be sent an email when this has happened. Although batch applications may have to wait in a queue before running, they are then given a dedicated set of resources to ensure that they complete as quickly as possible.

The life-cycle of developing a backend application is similar to develop a desktop application, but the testing will be more difficult because it has no interaction with user, we only be able to using log to monitor or troubleshoot.

Business analysis

How it works

Understand the basic

Backend Application is the execution of a series of programs or only one task on a computer environment without manual intervention. All data and commands are preselected through scripts or command-line parameters and therefore run to completion without human contact. This is termed as "backend application", "batch processing" or "batch job" because the input data are collected into batches of files and are processed in batches by the program.

When should you use batch processing?

You may consider use backend application when you need something that can:

  • Longer running processes
  • Parallel processes
  • Running large numbers of short jobs simultaneously
  • Tasks that can be left running for a significant amount of time without any interaction
  • There are also someother scenarios, please approach us for free consultation.


    The development service

    Let's bring the backend application for your needs

    We understand that batch applications are still critical in most organizations
    in large part because many common business processes are amenable to batch processing.

    Based on your actual business requirement or problems, we will work out the tailored backend application, that can have

  • Message queues
  • Large file processing capabilities
  • File or data convension
  • ETL - Extract, Transform, Load
  • Long-term maintenance

    Supporting is part of the deliverables

    SEA team offers a full range of maintenance services to let the Customer seamlessly introduce the backend software and its updates into the work of end users, as well as adjust the application to the emerging business challenges by introducing new features.


    With every backend application development project, SEA’s Customer gets a complete set of deliverables, including:

    • Backend application tailored to specific business needs
    • Backend monitoring service
    • Well-documented source code
    • Full documentation
    • Application setup and training
    • Long-term maintenance

    Talk to us to find the best solution for your business, Contact us