The Custom Software Development service in singapore

We understand that every business is unique in itself. When off-the-shelf software doesn't fully meet your business requirements, our specialized team of designers, programmers will help you to fix specific problems, meets your exclusive requirements, give you complete flexibility, reduced information security risks and tailor-made maintenance and support.

  • We talk about your business, and the problems that need to be solved
  • We check the requirements and discuss your expectations
  • Gauge the scope of the project
  • We send the proposal and approved by you

We make the entire development process clear to you, report on our progress frequently and explain each of our milestones.

  • Set the success criteria
  • Identify major risks
  • Define project timeline
  • Compose a resource plan

We will track your budget spent and burnout, incorporate your feedback, making the whole process of delivery of your application clear to you.

  • You will get to see every iteration of the product
  • Receive a potentially shipped software with every sprint
  • You will be presented with product demonstration with every feature implemented
  • You will be able to request changes to the software with every adjustment of your business objectives

When you will be happy with the project while approaching the release date, we will plan on the right time of your software to go live. Planning is crucial and will let us provide you with the proper support.

  • Go live and react to changes

The launch of your project is not the end, it is a beginning of a long maintenance and upgrade cycle. To make your system even better, we:

  • Incorporate the feedback that received from you or your end-users
  • Improve usability, user-friendliness, features and overall value of your business
  • Build and add new features

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